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Dr Rinky Vamvadelis
Travel Clinic

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Dr Rinky Vamvadelis

Dr Rinky Vamvadelis is an experienced family physician registered with the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM). She has a passion for travel and has lived overseas in various places. 


The travel clinic offers pre- and post-travel consultations and expert advice on any other travel recommendations according to the latest South African and international guidelines.


Dr Vamvadelis can provide up-to-date general information on the latest outbreaks, COVID-19 travel requirements and any emerging traveller health risks.

Helderberg Family Practice is a licensed Yellow Fever vaccination site and is registered with the Dept. of Health. 

General Practitioner 


MP 0527459 • PR 0268313

A good risk assessment involves an evaluation of destination, type and length of travel, and personal travel risks. Dr Vamvadelis will then provide general travel education, advice on malaria-bite prevention and malaria prophylaxis as well as destination-specific compulsory such as yellow fever, and other recommended travel vaccinations. A personalized travel health kit with relevant prescriptions as well as travel insurance will also be discussed. Any location- specific travel alerts will be shared. This consultation should ideally be done 4-6 weeks before travel as some immunisations need more than one dosage and may take up to two weeks before being effective

Dr Vanvadelis can if needed and where possible provide telephonically and email advice while you are traveling. She can also put you into contact with an international network of travel doctors who can provide assistance at various locations. Medical evacuations can be arranged with insurance and other partners.

Dr Vamvadelis offers a comprehensive examination on the return of the traveller. Assistance may be needed with travel- related illness  inlcuding diarrhoea, malaria, fever, skin rash, and conditions such as  deep vein thrombosis. Tropical disease screening can also be arranged if necessary. 

Specific traveler needs can be catered for such as:

  • Travel with children

  • Travel during pregnancy

  • Travelers with chronic medical conditions or immunosuppressive disorders

  • Long-stay travelers (>6 weeks)

  • High-altitude medicine or adventure travel 

  • Arrangements can be made for larger corporate or tour group bookings.

  • Travel-related vaccinations (Yellow Fever / Tetanus / Typhoid fever/ Meningitis (Meningococcal) / Hepatitis A & B / Rabies / Cholera)

  • Booster immunizations such as Influenza / Polio / Diphtheria / Pertussis / Measles / Mumps / Rubella can be considered depending on prior vaccinations and type of travel. 

  • Additional vaccines such as Chicken Pox / Shingles / Human Papilloma Virus / Pneumococcal vaccines are also available

Schedule your appointment as soon as possible – ideally 4-6 weeks prior to travel. Some immunizations will need more than one dosage or may only be effective 10 to 14 days after administration. Complete the pre-travel questionnaire before your visit to ensure all the necessary medication is available. You will also need to complete a new patient registration form for the practice. See links above for enquiries and bookings. 

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